Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What to do

This is the first official week that I'm home for the summer.  I have plenty to do but am worried about getting restless.  Restlessness makes me feel blue.  I don't like to have a million things going at one time, but I do need something to do.  Monday was the typical first day back from vacation where you clean and do laundry and go grocery shopping.  Good and busy and productive.

So my plans this summer are to pretend we're moving soon and therefore needing to get the house ready.  I'm going to pare down anything and everything by giving stuff away, throwing stuff away, and possibly garage selling stuff away.  This means I have closets to clean out and pantries/cabinets to reorganize and declutter.  I'm hoping my efforts will somehow divert buyers' eyes from the 1960's kitchen and tiny bedroom closets.

Aside from the house, I told myself I would spend at least 30 minutes a day on something school related, whether that be lesson plans, reading industry stuff, or (God forbid) actually going to the school.  None of these things has happened yet.  Maybe I should start with 15 minutes.

And lastly I plan to cook more and keep exercising.  There's a direct correlation with the two - if I cook more I must exercise more in order to EAT more.  I like eating.  I like summer.  I plan to have a good one!

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Naomi said...

You should also put fun stuff on your to do list. Mani, Pedis, Massages, going to the movies in the afternoon, take Duke to the dog park, take Alan to lunch, meet up with the girls for a mom/daughter brunch. I know you are thankful for the many may pay me back by coming to Houston for a visit..or get Alan transferred to Houston. :p