Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Fair Trade

Alan has inadvertently taught Duke the cutest, yet sly and underhanded trick.  Duke, like most dogs, likes to put things in his mouth that don't belong there.  Hair ties, socks, and squirrels come to mind.  We tried pulling and prying the socks out of his mouth, teaching him "drop," and scolding him for being "bad!" and other guilt trips.  It didn't work.  He just looked pitifully sad yet determined to not let go.  So one day Alan decided to make a trade with Duke, and would say aloud "wanna trade?"  He'd take Duke over to the doggie treats and Duke would drop the item for a Pupperoni.

Some time later we noticed Duke coming right up to us and sitting obediently with a sock clenched in his mouth.  Still wouldn't let go unless there was a trade.

Now it's developed into him bringing socks or other items he thinks he shouldn't have and politely dropping them in your lap.  "Here, I'm not supposed to have this.  Beggin' Strip?"

I can't say no to that face.

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