Thursday, July 28, 2011

Changes, they are a comin'

So yesterday began the process of showing the house:  vacuuming dog and cat hair 24/7, leaving the house repeatedly with a dog who thinks that every time we get in the car we're going to the dog park, and sitting in the car in 100+ heat down the street so I can spy on the potential buyers.  I've already had a realtor walk in my house as I'm getting out of the shower (a little miscommunication).  And today a lady parked in our alley and stood up on her car to peer into our backyard for a while.  These are good times!

I posed for this picture, can you tell?

We're housing hunting this weekend in Tulsa.  I understand it's 108 up there with a trillion percent humidity, but I guarantee you it's not brown, flat, and dusty.  However, look at our mostly green yard.  I have to tell you, that's not a small feat to have a green yard when you've had less than 1/2 inch in 10 months and your city has restricted your water usage.  You're welcome, future owner.

Wish us luck this weekend, but more importantly on the sell of our house in Midland!


her said...

Good luck. I hope you get it sold quickly. Have fun looking in Tulsa!

Elizabeth said...

How fun! I dread change but then when I am in the midst of it I find it gets me fired up about things again, in a good way. Don't melt in Tulsa.

Brooks said...

Love it! We have officially given up on our yard so I can take my two showers a day and not feel guilty. Wishing you lots of luck on your new adventures! I hope to one day be able to make the same change so it's cool to see someone else doing it!