Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Where the Heart Is

Sold a house, bought a house, scheduled closings, and packers and movers arrive two weeks from yesterday.  It's strange to be so excited and yet so sad at the same time.  Excited for the new adventure and sad that my daughters will be over eight hours away.  But I've always said it's better to miss someone and be missed than to not care at all.

I've wonderered, is this the house of my dreams?  Well the answer is I never dreamed I'd have a house like it, so perhaps that's a "yes."  But there are moments I feel I haven't done anything to deserve it, so the answer feels more like a "no."  I think I'm more comfortable saying it's just a house, a material thing, and does nothing to say who I am and what I'm about.  All I care about is that it's filled with family soon, mine and Alan's.  And Duke and Junior.

I'm looking forward to the pitter-patter of their little (and big) paws throughout.  I think it'll help me feel at home.


her said...

Wow! That house looks amazing. Can't wait to see more of it. Look at those trees!!!! So excited for you guys.

Elizabeth said...

It's a beautiful house!!

Addison said...

I sort of feel weird that I feel this way-which is weird to admit to you-but the house really just looks like it was meant to be yours. I dont really know what it is about it, either. I guess it's just hard for me to say that about a house so far away from me! Haha. Bittersweet.

Naomi said...

love it!! i can't wait to come and visit you guys!!!!! (once everythhing is settled of course!!)