Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I hate to be the bad guy.

Alan was in the company vehicle filling up with gas yesterday when he called and said he found a stray dog.  If there is a stray within a mile of Alan, it will FIND HIM.  Fast forward 12 hours later, and there's a beautiful golden Alaskan Husky sleeping peacefully next to me while I type.  I love dogs and would have a pack of them if I had land, but instead I have a small house already filled with a large retriever and very ill-mannered cat.

So what to do?  I called around everywhere yesterday, and we took her to a vet to be scanned for possible microchip.  We placed a Craig's List ad.  We checked the paper.  We called some vets.  I posted on Facebook.  I'll call the paper today and double check with a live person and probably place an ad.  But my last hope is the animal shelter today, as they were closed yesterday (our animal shelter is in dire need of funds and therefore has limited hours).  I can tell she's been recently spayed because of the scar.  Surely someone around here performed the surgery and will remember such a beautiful dog.

She has a pink and black collar with signs of pink polish on her toenails.  Someone cared for this dog.  But I don't want to.  Even though she's so pretty and sweet and well-mannered.

Is that awful?  I don't want to be that person that dumps the stray off at the shelter, but what else is there to do?  Besides the obvious, which is to keep her and give her a warm, happy home.  We can't do that right now, so wish me luck on finding her owner.  Someone has to be missing her desperately.

UPDATE:  She jumped the fence and took off.  I didn't go looking for her.  I feel sort of like a jerk, but...

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