Monday, August 08, 2011

Gifts from the Heart

Had a really great weekend - great news from a family member, fun times with the girls Saturday afternoon, and a great party Saturday night.  And I (we) got some really neat farewell gifts from good friends.  One gift was this beautiful cookware:

So here's what makes the cookware interesting.  I had already been thinking that I would use some touches of red in the new house, particularly in the kitchen.  The kitchen has existing red window treatments that, although they're not something I would pick out, I'm going to keep them awhile and see if they grow on me:

They remind me of medieval times.  Back to the cookware.  While browsing through recipes last week looking for snacks for the party, I came across a crab dip that you bake in the oven until it gets hot and bubbly.  The photo for the recipe showed a scalloped baking dish that would easily go from the oven to the table and still look pretty.  I didn't have pretty cookware, but figured my French White Corningware (that half the women in America probably own) would have to do.  But I made a mental note to be on the lookout for pretty baking dishes, and poof!  I'm (we're) given RED SCALLOPED bakeware.  How cool.  My friend had no idea I was wanting this!

I (we, oops) also got this from another friend:

Which is again, a coincidence, because I've been wanting to keep an eye out for quaint, funky signs for the kitchen.  I think this fits the bill!  And then this awesome refrigerator magnet from the same friend:

As excited as I am to be living somewhere new, I'm proud of my Texas roots.  It's my home and always will be.  I'm certain more Texas memorabilia will find its way into our new home.

This week is less stressful than last, but just as busy if that makes sense.  I'm trying to make as much time for seeing friends and family as I can, to-do list be damned!  Because when all is said and done, people are more important than packing my underwear. 


Elizabeth said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous!! How exciting.

And I'm totally betting that I can guess what the great news is. Because I am a good reading between the lines person and certain updates made me guess something, and then seeing this confirmed my guess. Though I will keep what I think I know quiet.

Brandi said...

Just finding a break to catch up on your blogs!I wish I could have time to comment on them all. I love seeing pictures of the new place (SO AWESOME! LOVE THE KITCHEN!) and what you guys are up to these days!! We miss you, and really do love you like biscuits and gravy :) :)