Monday, August 29, 2011

Gladys Kravitz

I don't want to be her. The neighbors have been so nice.  I don't want to say anything rude and be that person, but people are walking through my yard.  Not just sort of along the edge (it's a corner house), but RIGHT up through the yard close to the house.  I realize this house has been empty for a few months, and I guess they just started trampling their way through because they knew no one would see.  But isn't that still rude??  That's a rhetorical question - the answer is YES.

It's one thing for kids to do it - they're still young and haven't learned all the RULES, but I've seen two moms lead the way!

For now I'm going to chill and smile sweetly, all the while letting Duke bark as ferociously as he wants to as they pass.  Eventually they'll all realize someone lives here again and will show some respect, right?  This IS the neighborhood where neighbors have brought homemade banana bread and cookies within the first few days of our arrival.  But do they take liberties along with their acts of kindness?  Look at me already starting some neighborhood drama.

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mel... said...

Three words: strategically placed sprinkler.