Monday, September 19, 2011

Garage Mahal

This is just a glimpse at Alan's half-day project that turned into a two day project, but that's okay because it's AWESOME. Isn't life just better with an organized garage? We have quite a bit more room in this garage and would like to keep it that way. What you don't see are the cabinets with neatly stored power tools and automotive stuff, the heavy tool sets hanging on the walls, and the easy access to my the lawnmower. There's a little bit left to do, but oh the joy of being able to find a hammer without ruining a manicure searching through boxes.


Addison said...

lol. i love the title. too bad you dont have a "before" pic from the cimmaron house ;)

DeeBee said...

That looks great! I need to come over and get some ideas. I need to organize my garage.

Naomi said...

i love that it took him 2 days. James does the same thing with his home projects. I think they must forgot all the things they have and they stop and look at each one and marvel over it!!! Looks awesome!!!