Monday, September 26, 2011

Zero for Two

I've been feeling super crafty lately, gathering up some ideas from, getting supplies this weekend, and early this morning was off and running!

Project #1 was a complete failure.  I was trying to reuse an ugly mirror by doing a simple crackle paint treatment for a sort of shabby chic look.  I got the shabby alright.  So after realizing a while later that the paint just peeled off, I tried again.  Still a failure.  So now I've painted a top coat of metallic silver over layers and layers of paint, crackle stuff, etc. and am waiting to see the results.  I've already warned Alan that I'll likely be buying a new mirror this week.

Project #2 was another failure.  Okay, mostly I lost patience with that project within minutes.  I was trying to make bangle bracelets out of popsicle sticks, to later be covered with strips of fabric.  I could have bought a bunch of cheap bangles at any discount store instead of using the sticks, but my wrists are pretty small (as in freakishly bony) and normal bracelets end up closer to my elbows than my wrists.  Long story short, boiling and trying to bend the popsicle sticks was annoying and made worse when I realized they needed to dry for about a week.  I'm feeling crafty NOW, not a week from now.

Project #3 is making me nervous based on the failure rate of today.  So let me end with a success from a couple weeks ago.

These are two cafe curtains that I placed on the door to the mudroom and the window in an upstairs guest bath.  Liked the fabric so I used it for both.  Cheap, cheap curtains with no sewing!  Now our guests don't have to put on a show for the neighbors, and I can strip down in the mudroom to my whatever-I-want after working in the yard. 

Sorry, my cell phone takes crummy pictures.  (By the way, the top of the bathroom window is covered with an outside awning thing, so the curtain is more private than it looks.)

Over the next couple of days I'm making some little fabric Christmas trees and trying a recipe for pumpkin spice fudge with white chocolate.  I'll report back on either my disasters or my much needed successes. 

Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest like I am?


Brooks said...

I am OBSESSED!!! I love it! I think in my next life I will work on all those pins. I think of it as my bucket list! :)

Naomi said...

I need to look into this particular website. I just hope I can be crafty. It seems to be a skill I am missing. I love the decorations. Very pretty!!