Friday, September 23, 2011

More better

That's what this little Vietnamese lady would say when she'd do my nails, "I make it more better."

Junior is feeling more better and back to doing what he does all day:

Baby boy had another urinary infection thanks to his owner (me) who decided it was time to take him off his prescription food.  I didn't realize the prescription was for the rest of his life.  So Wednesday after hearing him moan and meow in pain, I realized what was happening and got him into a vet.  While there and under sedation, they got those horrible mats out and gave him his overdue shots (two years).  Boy, do I know how to take care of animals or what?

Here's the part I'm still baffled by:  He was a little gentleman while in their care.  My cat was PLEASANT TO STRANGERS.  They petted him.  And picked him up.  And pressed on his abdomen.  All before sedation.  And they seemed to kind of like him.  Maybe Junior needed to get out of Midland, too. :-)

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