Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes, a good pain

I am not a runner.  I say that frequently, often while running.  But usually it comes up in conversation where Alan and someone are talking about running and they'll obligingly ask me "Do you run, too?"  "Yes, but I'm not a runner." 

I don't often enjoy it, as it hurts before, during, and after.  Something is always hurting and would probably stop hurting if I would just stop running.  But it's a fast, convenient way to get a good sweaty workout usually while enjoying the outdoors.  It's even more tempting since we've moved, because there are so many pretty places to run.

I do enjoy the feeling of participating.

But I wasn't meant to run.  It's funny to me how uncomfortable some runners seem around people who say that.  It's as if they feel pity or worse yet - just don't believe you've tried hard enough or trained long enough or whatever they're thinking.  If I say I can barely manage a 5K and often have to stop and walk at some point, it seems hard for them to comprehend.

In fact, I ran a 5K this morning that took 35 minutes.  I stopped at least three times, and I really needed to pee, making it that much harder to finish.  35 minutes is not a good time for me, but I've never run a 5K under 31 or 32 minutes and likely never will.  I average an 11 minute mile, give or take.

So why complain about it yet still do it if it's hard.  I think the answer is because it's hard.  It makes me feel sort of accomplished when I'm done.  I know it's only 3 miles, but I never ran more than a mile in my life until about 8 years ago.  And I'll probably do a couple more 10Ks, too, but I'll never win my age group or set new PRs as the years go on. 

But you runners out there - take a person's word for it when she says she knows her own body and its limits.  I'm not lazy, I'm just not a runner.

P.S.  After about a dozen 5Ks and one 10K, this is my only award.  I don't remember seeing how many were in my age group, but I'm willing to bet there was ONE.  It's like saying "Congratulations, Tanya Schaeffer, for not having any competition!"

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Naomi said...

You are a runner. Just like me :). I run 5Ks in about the same about of time as you do. I never win any races either (unless there is no one in my age group, remember the Habitat for Humanity 1/2 Marathon, I got 2nd place, I think and there were only 2 girls, so it was like getting an award for being last! haha). But I liked your comment, I enjoy participating. That about sums it all up for me!!!!