Sunday, April 29, 2007

Less junk in our trunks

It wasn't the most profitable garage sale, but it served its purpose - which was to unload stuff we don't need. We now have emptier closets and the backbreaking bed is gone. And our rule is that whatever doesn't sell cannot come back in the house - it all has to be loaded up and taken to the Salvation Army. Why we don't just do that in the first place speaks a lot about us - we like CASH!


mel... said...

Here I've noticed that you don't even have to take things to the Salvation Army - you can just leave it on the curb and it will magically disappear. Also, did you know that Salvation Army is a religion?

Tanya said...

I'm not surprised by the first but am by the second. I knew it was a religious organization but not its own religion. I much rather like the idea of leaving things on the curb. By the way, we have a lady coming by tonight to buy (and haul off) a pile of large stones from us for $40!