Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lone Star Classic

We had a great time in Dallas. This tournament was the biggest, craziest thing I've seen.

Try to imagine two huge (I'm talking cavernous) areas inside the Dallas Convention Center with 60 volleyball courts, 4 teams at each court. 60 courts! It was loud, spectators sat right along the sidelines of the courts, Starbucks and Maui Wowi stands in the corners, guys from Medieval Times walking around in their knightly duds, and volleyballs flying all over the place. And of course there were hundreds of screaming 13-14 year old girls.

It reminded me of scenes from "Bring it On" where there's organized chaos all around, and you walk by teams that you beat or that beat you badly at a previous tourney and you maybe exchange those looks. The picture doesn't capture the enormity of it all, but maybe you get the idea. More pictures and maybe videos to follow.

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Heather said...

60 Courts!! WOW!!