Sunday, April 08, 2007

This is why I don't camp when it's cold.

Well thank God for space heaters. We have the really nice oscillating one in the living room, the scary and obnoxious one in the kitchen, and a tiny one in Bailey's bedroom. The scary one can only be turned on for short intervals since its wiring is so antiquated that it actually flipped a breaker yesterday. And when you touch the cord to unplug it, the cord is quite hot. That's why it's in the kitchen, where it's okay to have occasional fires. The tiny one in Bailey's bedroom only seems to help if you're sitting two feet away, so she opted to sleep in the living room under mounds of blankets.

The house has been very cold but livable I guess this weekend, which is good since the HVAC folks (who are the ones who pretended to repair our unit three weeks ago when the A/C wouldn't work) haven't called us back. All weekend. I think I would be more upset about the whole thing if it were the middle of winter, but since we're expected to be back up into the 80s on Tuesday, I'm biding my time.

One way we bided our time yesterday was getting out to see "Blades of Glory." Very funny, but probably not going to be my favorite Will Ferrell movie so far. It's easier to pick favorite scenes from all of his movies. Like the entire scene from "Old School" where he gets drunk, goes out on stage naked, and then streaks through town. Maybe my favorite Will Ferrell scene ever.

I just checked the thermostat which has slowly but steadily been dropping all weekend, and we're now down to 61 INSIDE THE HOUSE. Come on Tuesday.

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DeeBee said...

I thought about you this morning and wondered how you made it through the night with the temps dropping down into the 20's. Glad to hear that you haven't turned into a popsicle yet.