Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gee, thanks

Bailey played great in the volleyball game against Abilene High yesterday. Played the whole match, did a little hitting, some setting, had an awesome kill. Or so we're told. We didn't actually get to SEE the game because no one managed to tell us that the time on the printed schedule was incorrect. So we drove the 2 hours to Abilene, grabbed some lunch before heading to the high school, and got there just in time to see her team walking off the court. We weren't the only parents who showed up and missed it, and I think the coaches may have gotten the message that they better make an effort next time to inform the parents directly, not leave it up to the girls to pass on important information that like.

1 comment:

addigator said...

well? that sucks!

sorry about yesterday but i didnt have my phone with me, i slept in really late, and i was running errands and things like that. i got your message though around 9:45. i'm really sorry but it slipped my mind.

i 'll call you sometime this week about it, if thats okay.