Sunday, September 30, 2007

A week later

So it appears I've really sucked at blogging lately. A whole week with nothing to say? Actually I've been really busy subbing, and it's just a job that can take a lot out of you. And then sometimes....the things that are on your mind are not things you can blog about!

I'm a little under the weather and so today have simple goals:
  • Shower
  • Get back in pajamas
  • Watch the episodes I've missed of "Beauty & the Geek" online. Somehow I need to make Alan watch it with me, but with all the football and baseball'll be tough.
And there are girls out in the guest house that I need to wake up in a while for church. I'm not sure how many are here, but I think three. I need another cup of coffee.


DeeBee said...

Wow, your day sounds awesome. I'm jealous except for the feeling under the weather part. Sick?

mel... said...

I know exactly how you feel. My big accomplishment of the night is taking the recycling pile downstairs. Now if I'd only take the glass in to the donation center.