Monday, September 03, 2007

Alan vs. The New Mexico Marathon

It's difficult to describe how amazing this feat is, especially if you weren't the one training and then actually running it. So all I can say is, WOW to all of you out there who have run a marathon. And way to go, Alan! An elevation of 6,000 feet and 8 miles of incline at the beginning didn't make things any easier, particularly since Alan has only trained in the flat lands of West Texas. It's just impressive.

We're back home in Midland, and although Alan is walking around like Fred Sanford this morning, he is pleased to be able to check this off his list. For a while. :-)

Alan has various stories about the run, and I think he should post his account of the whole ordeal (hint, hint).


DeeBee said...

The video is cool! I want details later.

Craig and Elizabeth said...

Congrats Alan! That is an impressive feat!! I've heard from friends it takes 3 days to be able to walk again after running one.

naomi said...

oh my!!! i can't believe that guy let his kids do that!!!