Saturday, October 20, 2007


Names I've been called this week:

Mrs. Schaeffer
Mrs. Schaeffers
Mrs. Skaffer
Mrs. Shaver
Mrs. Shay
Mrs. S.
Mrs. Chambers
Mrs. Dolan (a teacher I sub for)
Mrs. Chalambaga ( " )
Mrs. Chalambonga

The kids don't know it, but inside I'm smiling. Especially at the little ones. They're looking at my name on the board and trying so hard to make sense of all those weird letters that shouldn't be put together like that.

And I'm no idiot. I'm sure there were some names not meant for my ears to hear, although I did find out (because kids love to tattle) that a little bratty third grade girl made up a derogatory cheer about me on the playground. Love it!

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