Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A short break

I'm a pretty normal person with a pretty normal temperament. Stupid people annoy me, inconveniences irritate me, and patience is not one of my virtues, but for the most part I keep it all hidden to strangers. And then I join other parents in the stands at a volleyball game and become a bit more verbose. And loud. It's amazing the license you think you're given at a sporting event to hurl insults at the refs and line judges, and to do so quite loudly. Those poor refs that we all yell at and accuse of being dumber that dirt are human after all. And those of us in the stands? We are perfect judges of depth and distance and have peripheral vision that cannot be rivaled.

So volleyball is over until club ball starts up in January. We got home from Abilene around midnight last night, but it was worth the drive and time. Time for Bailey to rest and heal up and for us to take a break from concession stand nachos, frito pie, and giant pickles. For a while anyway.


DeeBee said...

Now I don't feel so bad for that one time when you were with me at Hayden's game and I was yelling out annoying things about the ref. I felt bad afterwards cause I'm not like that at every game. Just the ones with the bad refs.

addigator said...

Giant Pickles sound so good right now. I have some random-ish pictures of the house up. I'm going to take more on like, Saturday or something when theres more sunlight and I actually feel like cleaning up the living room and kitchen for pictures :)