Friday, April 04, 2008

Big D

What better way to end the weekend than to leave this dusty city, although this time it's not for volleyball. Alan's running a half-marathon in Dallas on Sunday, which gives us all day Saturday to do whatever, anything! We get to see DeeBee and Caitlin for a short time at Caitlin's soccer game, but after that who knows. We haven't been to the Dallas Museum of Art, so I'm thinking a trip there will satisfy my little-known artsy needs. Or shopping. Shopping could be good. (I think our hotel is close to the Galleria.) Anyway, come 4:00 we're outta here!


Futuristics said...
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DeeBee said...

Hopefully we will see you there. But don't rush if you get hung up at registration. We'll meet up this summer.

her said...

Have fun in Dallas. Good luck Alan!