Monday, April 14, 2008

Whinings and Whippings

It's very cliche, but this morning as the alarm went off I had to wonder if I really had a weekend. I guess I did though, since there's a nicely mowed and manicured lawn to prove it.

We had a volleyball round robin yesterday that took about two hours longer than normal, and a volleyball weekend just wouldn't be complete without drama. Put a bunch of teenage girls together, and I guess the odds are there'll be some dramatics. Whatever. Maybe next year we'll have a club team that actually wants to compete, attend the tournaments, etc. without complaining.

And my week of teaching got off to a grand start today with a trip to the office to witness my first paddling. Not pleasant, but not as awful as I thought. I felt for the kid, but some things have to happen. I hope it doesn't happen again.

It wasn't a fascinating post, but I'm trying to keep blogging regardless of what's going on.

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DeeBee said...

I can never figure out a way to re-word a sentence so that it doesn't end in a preposition. Why is it wrong??