Sunday, April 27, 2008

I is appreciated.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week (my first), and boy was it profitable! The students were given a list of my favorite things from a survey I had to fill out (a room mom handled), so let me tell you, I have Cheetos and Diet Dr. Pepper and M&Ms and Orbit gum to last me a few weeks. I also got gift cards, a coffee set, cookies, brownies, and a greatest hits CD of the Chili Peppers. How cool is that? And then there was the kid who was on time for class and told me that was my gift. Yeah, thanks. NEXT.

As if I had his best interest in mind. It was all about me, baby!

1 comment:

DeeBee said...

Too funny! Next!

And you are colder than we are right now. Ha Ha!!