Monday, June 30, 2008


(Although the blog is showing I posted this Monday night, I didn't actually finish it and post until this morning - Tuesday. Blogger is weird that way.)

It's hard to believe yesterday was only Day Three of our vacation. It seems we've already done a lot, and we still have several days left. We headed out in the morning for Daytona Beach, and little did I know we were going to drive right by the Daytona Speedway where, of course, the Daytona 500 takes place. The racetrack is so close to the street we were driving down, that we really got a sense for how ENORMOUS it is! I've seen professional stadiums and arenas but nothing comparable to the size of this place. This picture won't do it justice (and I'll forewarn you that my camera lens was dirty ALL day yesterday):

A few miles down from the speedway, we arrived at the beach and showed Bailey and Taylor a picture of what we were about to do - parasailing! It's been fun to not tell them what we're doing until we get somewhere, but this was the one activity that I was a little worried about how they might react. It was really awesome though, and they loved it! As soon as you take flight and start ascending, you notice how quiet everything gets. Alan and I saw a dolphin swimming beneath us during our flight. I'll admit I was a little scared and holding on pretty tight for the first few minutes because I'm a little afraid of heights, but I'm so glad we did this!

Daytona Beach was very clean and free from seaweed and visible jellyfish (Bailey and I think we felt a couple stings though). But really, it was just a perfect day at the beach.

After we got back to Orlando, we got cleaned up and went to a dinner theater called "Capones." It was a pretty cute show and just something different to do. However, when we arrived back at our condo, we discovered we were still having a/c problems (and have been since we got here Friday night). So around 10:30 p.m., we started packing up and moving to a new unit. That's been the one glitch in our stay.

This morning everyone will have a chance to sleep in a bit before we go bike riding, followed by some afternoon shopping at the Mall of the Millenia. The girls have been really good sports about everything so far, so I hope the bike riding doesn't get bad reviews. Disney World and parasailing are hard acts to follow!


Anonymous said...

Oh Tanya, it looks and sounds like y'all are having a great time! Thanks for posting all the pics, it almost feels like we're right there with you...but we're NOT! Ha Have fun :-)

BTW, not that it matters to you now - but the weather has been cooler - only in the 70's on Sun. and up to 80 yesterday! It's a nice change, since we're stuck here anyway! Denise

DeeBee said...

What a vacation you are having. Love the pics but that goes without saying. Especially your new profile picture. Very cute!