Monday, June 09, 2008

Deprivation is not for me.

In my quest for eating healthier, which for me has meant eating a LOT of fruits and vegetables, I've also been trying some low calorie foods. I don't typically enjoy "light" or "fat free" varieties of anything, but here are some substitutes (mostly snacks) I've tried lately that are so close to the original fattier versions that I might as well go the lighter route:

Lay's Light chips
Ruffles Light chips
Baked Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Aunt Jemima Whole Wheat Pancake Mix (and use egg whites instead of the whole egg)
Triscuits Reduced Fat

The one I was most surprised by was the Cheetos. I love Cheetos and was pretty sure the baked version wouldn't stand up to the original, but they're pretty good! What I'm waiting for however, is Baked Fritos. Come on, Frito Lay!

By no means am I eating as healthy as I should. I like food and I like food that is bad for me - mexican food and pasta are my favorites. But I am eating better, drinking more water (bleck!) and getting some exercise. Will I see a difference when I put on my swimsuit? No. I'm no longer delusional. But surely my body is getting something out of adding the good things and cutting back on the bad.


DeeBee said...

I just need to exercise. I sure would like that elliptical machine. :-)

Paul said...

cheetos puffs are baked as well as cheetos twists and hot fries. you might want to try baked tostito scoops too, they are pretty good