Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well said

Warning: This post requests that you participate. Come on, you anonymous readers out there!

Yesterday Alan made reference to the lyrics of a country song by Diamond Rio called "Beautiful Mess." So it got me thinking of other song lyrics, and I bet most of us have a particular song that we declare as having THE BEST lyrics ever. For me, that song is Shenandoah's "Ghost in This House." I can't remember when it was released, probably around the early 90s, but it's such a clever yet sad way to describe a relationship that has deteriorated. Another one along those same lines is "Sail On" by Lionel Richie. (Yes, I am showing my age!) I also like "Difficult Kind" by Sheryl Crow, especially:

"There ain't nothing like regret to remind you you're alive."

Awesome! Anyway, the lyrics don't have to be serious to be great (I'm thinking of a line from "In Da Club"), so what's your favorite?


DeeBee said...

I don't listen to the lyrics, I just sing the song. I know... I'm weird. And it's probably why I never know the names of songs.

Craig and Elizabeth said...

First of all, I've found the anonymous people stay anonymous no matter how you might tempt them to comment. Little do they know, we have Google Analytics and WE KNOW who they are. Or which state they are from, at least.

Secondly, I hardly ever pay attention to the lyrics unless I sit down to read the liner notes and then I usually don't get it. Like Radioheads song about fake plastic trees. I love that song, but, huh???

Tanya said...

Maybe I'm the weird one! I like knowing what a song means. I guess there's a reason I voluntarily took so many English courses - ha.

mel... said...

Well, I do listen to the lyrics and incidentally two of my favorite lines both deal with silence.

"So come dance this silence down through the morning" from Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones"

"There are three degrees to silence between words; you can never tell till later, which one you just heard." from Michael Kroll's "Approximately Spring"

jo said...

"You've come far, and though you're far from the end
You don't mind where you are, cause you know where you've been"
- Let your troubles roll by, by carbon leaf
actually most any of their songs, they have awesome lyrics

ok and
"old and wise, with clouded eyes, you don't see what i see cause i blindly, throw my faith into the face of the next pretty girl to come my way.."- granny by dave mathews

Anonymous said...

how about this one?
"every form of refuge has its price" --Lying Eyes by the Eagles