Saturday, August 21, 2010


Ever feel like you're waiting "for the day when..."? I say those words in my head a lot. You can finish your own statement I'm sure, but for me it's waiting for the day when everyone is alright. A day, or better yet, a large span of time when the people I'm closest to and most affected by are all in a good place. A day when myself or Alan, my daughters, my sister, or my closest friends or family are not sad or hurting or just plain depressed. I guess it's kind of a selfish request, because I'm partially thinking of myself. I don't want to feel sad about anyone or anything. Just for a while.

Not that people need a life completely free from stress - stress can be good. The stress from this past week before school starts is a good stress. It has helped me focus on what really needs to get done, helped me be a little more creative, and helped me appreciate the fact that I really do love my job.

I suppose there's meant to be a balance in which the people who are doing okay can be there for those who aren't. Life just seems so hard a lot of the time, and I'm waiting for the day when it's not.

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Naomi said...

This is why I am friends with you!!
You are the most selfless friend I know!! You care about everyone else around you and never for your self. Sure you say, it's b/c you don't want to feel sad for others, but we all know it is b/c you are a truly caring person.
I wish the world were full of people like you!! Then there would never be a reason to be sad or hurt.
I heart you and your caring spirit! I have alot to learn from you!