Saturday, August 14, 2010


I was sitting in the dentist's office a few weeks ago flipping through a magazine, and came across this idea for a wedding gift. The article talked about these two women who are in business together traveling the world taking photos of vintage or interesting numbers they find on buildings, address plates, etc. They now have this large collection of photos from which they'll customize a framed number or numbers for you, whatever your occasion. It's a cool idea, so I'm doing my part to share others' ideas as well as steal from them.

I'm going to a wedding tonight for a bride who asked for no gifts and publicized no registration. She's been married before but has now found her true love. I can totally relate to that, so I wanted to do something but keep it simple. I didn't have time to travel the world, much less Midland, so I decided to print out numbers in different fonts, put a fancy border around each, and print it on antique-looking paper:

Now I want to make one with mine and Alan's anniversary date. :-)


Elizabeth (and sometimes Craig) said...

What a neat idea for a gift!! It turned out great.

Addison said...

That is awesome! I wanna make a really funky lookin one for my apartment :)

Tanya said...

Yeah, I thought about one with reds or something for our house. You know what would be cool? One that has tattoo looking designs, Ed Hardy-ish.

Addison said...

Yeah! I'd like to mix match curvy tattoo-ish ones with typewriter looking ones or something

Naomi said...

The Pipes 09.20.2008

I expect to see it soon!