Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'd easily have won $10,000 from that "funniest home movies" show, had I been able to get my camera to work. This would be my broken camera, which I figured out still (sort of) works as long as you use the viewfinder only. This would also be the only camera I own now that has video capability. And the camera that no longer holds the memory card I needed for a video.

The video would have been of this high-on-crack squirrel who was putting on quite the show in our backyard. Alan called me over to the window, telling me I had to see the squirrel "working on his ninja skills." I can't accurately describe the things it was doing. This squirrel kept bouncing off the tree onto the ground and back to the tree again, doing 360s and backflips and leg kicks - I kid you not. I was laughing so much that my cheeks were hurting and my eyes were watering. But it wasn't just the squirrel that would have made the video highlights. It was the ongoing commentary and sound effects from Alan, complete with Chinese accent.

I love that Alan can still make me laugh until I cry. And I don't think he and I will ever look at squirrels the same way again. :-)


Elizabeth said...

I can only imagine! I have a love/hate relationship with squirrels. I hate how they destroy my plants but I do love to watch them out the window.

DeeBee said...

We have to talk about this. Cody and I were laughing about this post.

Naomi said...

Single greatest thing I have read today!!! Love it!!
PS I love that you and Alan laugh so hard you cry. I think that is one of the most important things in a marriage!! I tell James all the time, if you can make me laugh at least once a day for the rest of our lives, I have lived a great life!!!