Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bring it, Mother Nature

We all have this internal clock that requires it to be light and dark out at appropriate times in order for us to sleep and wake up at normal times of the day. (I know this because I watch Bear Grylls take his clothes off, I mean, attempt to sleep in the Arctic with only two hours of darkness a day.) I think I must also have an internal thermometer which controls what I can and cannot accept as appropriate celebrations in the seasons. 40 degrees out on July 4th? Probably not going to feel like having hot dogs and watching fireworks. 79 degrees and sunny in December? Really not feeling the whole Christmas spirit right now. I don't know how people in Arizona or Florida do it during the holidays.

It warmed up enough today that here it is midnight, and the inside temperature in the house is 73. That's one degree away from when our A/C was kicking on a couple months ago. So while I'm supposed to be Christmas shopping and getting gifts in the mail, instead my body thinks I should be mowing the yard and working on my tan. I don't like being cold and I don't like winter, but I'm realizing I need a little of both to be "feelin' it."

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DeeBee said...

Come up here with us. We are "feelin" it!! Only difference is... I don't like it.