Saturday, December 01, 2007

The fun has begun

From the moment the Christmas tree box comes down from the attic, Junior rightfully claims the tree as his own. Assembling the tree, putting on the lights, touching the tree in ANY way -- these acts are all violations in Junior's world. He will live under, and sometimes in, that tree for the next month. By the way, did you click on the photo and see those fangs up close? I live with those fangs every day. I currently have a 4" square area on my calf that looks like someone came after me with a pitch fork. Alan will attest.

In other fun news, more than half of the Christmas tree lights have burned out. Yes! But it reminds me of that song that's the spoof on the "12 Days of Christmas" where they keep talking about the lights burning out? Love that song! Just thinking of those lyrics makes the fact that I have to go to Wal-Mart this morning to get more lights more funny than anything.

But my favorite tree, the little 2 ft one with all the ornaments that the girls made when they were little - was up, lit, and decorated in about 15 minutes. I was very tempted to call this our official tree and forget that big monster.


Heather said...

Junior is a bit scary in this picture. Hope you had a great party. We missed you here.

DeeBee said...

Junior makes me have fang envy.