Thursday, December 20, 2007

Perhaps you can relate

The piles of crap are getting to me. I can't see the surface of the dining table, because it's covered with unwrapped presents, wrapping paper, tape, receipts, cards that I have yet to address, and whatever else we happen to drop off as we walk by. Maybe you have a similar pile? I'm really glad I resisted the urge to buy or make some sort of centerpiece for the table this year. I would have never been able to enjoy it.

So to ease my cluttered mind today, I have to tackle other piles. Like laundry. And trash. And the mounds of leaves in the driveway that won't stop blowing into the garage every time the door is raised. If I can conquer those piles, maybe I'll have the peace of mind to tackle that dining table.

1 comment:

DeeBee said...

As long as you tackle piles somewhere, you'll feel better. And look at it this way, the Christmas piles will be gone by the 25th.