Friday, July 09, 2010

Green Country

Today I drove back from Oklahoma where I spent several days at DeeBee's. I haven't posted anything all week and only updated my Facebook status once or twice, because I truly took a vacation while there. I always feel that I really rest and relax at her house. We worked on our tans by the pool every day the weather allowed. We watched fireworks and made salsa and cookies and fried zuccini (fresh from her neighbor's garden). We shopped in Owasso, had lunch by the river in Jenks, and watched movies.

I guess it wasn't all relaxation - we did walk a total of 13 miles and painted one of the bathrooms. But still, I spent an incredible amount of time on her comfy couch surfing the channels and napping with the puppies and watching the rain. It was awesome, and one of my very favorite places to get away.

I was also too lazy to take the camera out of my suitcase, so here's the only picture I took. It's a blurry cell phone pic of my frozen margarita, poolside. I sent it to Alan as proof that I really do know how to relax on vacation, contrary to what he's witnessed. It make take me a couple of days to shake this vacation mode.


jo said...

haha the zuchini part sounds funny, like the two of you snuck into the neighbors yard and stole a zuchini - cooked it up and ate it poolside while laughing at the neighbors misfortune! :)

naomi said...

i am so glad you enjoyed your time!!! and congrats to you guys for walking 13 miles!! that is awesome!!

DeeBee said...

Such a nice post. I'm glad you enjoy it here because I enjoy it when you come to visit.