Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My newest toy

Be prepared to be inundated with old photos because Oh My Goodness, I have a scanner. The things I can do with a scanner? The photoshopping, the digital scrapbooking, the posting of "here's my bell bottoms from the 70s" pics - the possibilities are endless. I can't wait.

So here's a snippet of what I can't wait to do - scan all the photos from our wedding and reception:

I couldn't stop smiling. I think that was a good sign. I've learned over the years that not everyone was sure this was the best thing for Alan. Marrying a divorced, older woman, mother of two? I don't blame them.

But we knew. What an awesome day.


her said...

I wouldn't say we thought Alan was crazy... We wondered what in the world you were thinking:) Of course I am kidding. You are both wonderful people and it is so awesome that you found one another. Can't wait to see the pictures.

naomi said...

um...i can't believe people were not on board with you and Alan!! you guys are the sweetest couple!!! i hope James and I can become half the married couple you guys are!! you have set a great example for our marriage. and now you can laugh in their faces, b/c it all worked out perfectly!!! (also, look at how much of an awesome dad he turned out to be!!!)

jo said...

You guys are truly perfect for each other! I'm so happy you settled for Alan. Seriously the smartest move he has made. I love these pictures. You two were so smitten! I love it.

DeeBee said...

The pictures are great and the post is sweet. I'm sorry I wasn't there to share that perfect day.