Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Our dilemma: we're either replacing the living room and den carpeting with new carpet or with tile. If we replace it with carpet, it's about $4,000 cheaper since we're only covering those two rooms. If we replace it with tile, we have to remove and replace the kitchen, living room, den, and hallway flooring (we think it would be weird to have a tile that's adjacent to a different tile in the kitchen and hallway - too many different hard surfaces).

The tile would update the house and likely be more appealing to future buyers. But it's friggin expensive.

The carpet would be cozier, quieter, and cheaper, but way harder to maintain and keep clean prior to moving someday.

We could be here another year or five years, who knows.

Going with carpet frees up money for other projects, like new appliances and a new (used) car for Alan.

Going with tile means our home is more attractive, and I don't have to cringe every time Junior pukes up yellow stuff.

I'm leaning towards the carpet; Alan's leaning towards the tile. But we're both no where near making a decision.

The old carpet is already pulled up, so we need to do something soon! Impart your wisdom upon us, please.


The Schumachers said...

I say do the Tile... if you have the money now do it. You can get rugs to put down and make it "cozier." However, choosing a tile that will work all the way thru the house is tough... I would suggest staying away from white.

Addison said...

Tile. Less worry and upkeep. I think it's worth spending the extra money on.

Naomi said...

OK, here is my theory. Since you are considering moving one day. I think your home would be perfect for a family. Tile is so hard, if said family is trying to have a baby, has a baby or even a toddler, the carpet is better b/c could you imagine a baby falling on hard tile???? so resale...carpet.
(PS let me know if i win)

Tanya said...
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Tanya said...

Also, just got back from talking with carpet people a little more...the carpet is warrantied for stains for a minimum of 7 years (depending on what brand we bought). And the salesperson mentioned what you said, Naomi, about tile throughout could be a turnoff to some families.

Charissa said...

I agree that tile throughout is usually a turn off to most people. You might want to consider hardwood or maybe even cork. Then throw down some nice area rugs to warm it up a bit. Good luck.

jo said...

Yeah my first thought was wood because less work then carpet but not as hard surface for toddlers or whatever. But if wood were out, then I think I would go with carpet. The closer I get to moving the less I am willing to put up for non-vital projects. Thats just me though. What are your thoughts on wood or even laminate wood?