Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 17th

I warned about the scanning, but since today's Bailey's 17th birthday I couldn't resist. Thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures from when she was little.

I love this one. I love how her pupils are HUGE and how there's a little piece of gum sticking to the front of her tooth. Why anyone (probably her grandmother!) was letting a toddler chew gum is beyond me.

I like this one because her hair was short, and it wasn't short for very long. It tips me off that she couldn't have been more than two or so. I like that the pink hand-me-down bed is in the photo. I like that the grey and white stuffed dog is there, and her swimming floaties are on the bedpost. And I like how Bailey is looking at the person taking the picture, which I'm almost certain was Addison.

It's grainy and blurry, but I LOVE this picture. It is sooooo Bailey. Her dad and Addison and I are riding away in a little motor boat while Bailey's staying on shore with her Papa because, NO ONE KNOWS. She got upset and mad all the time about things that we never knew. That child would not explain what was bothering her, ever. We'd just shrug our shoulders and give her space, because the slightest acknowledgement that something was wrong just made it worse. I love how her Papa is totally ignoring her little "mood" and acting silly as usual.

Her hair started growing quickly after she was two or so, and grew and grew. It had reached her lower back by the time she was four. I remember brushing and drying her hair and always telling her how much I wanted her hair for my own. It was beautiful.

She was just a beautiful child and still is. I'll have some updated pics of her this weekend. Happy Birthday Bailey!


Addison said...

SO cute. I remember her hair too! Gaw, it was gorgeous.

Addison said...

Oh my gosh. I was thinking about all these old pictures you've put up and I want to show you this picture that I've had of you for FOREVER. I think I stole it out of one of Grams' photo albums a very long time ago. You need to see it :)

naomi said...

i love the homage to your daughter. you are such a good mother. you can tell just how much these girls meant to you and how much as young women they still mean to you.
(makes me wish my mom were a bit more thoughtful, but i will live through you :-))
PS my favorite photo. the one on the bed with you TEXAS BANGS!!!!!!!! i laughed so hard. you look amazingly hilarious!! love it!!!

Tanya said...

I know - ha! I had bangs for YEARS.