Thursday, July 03, 2008

Alligators, Shopping, & Racing

I didn't want to carry my camera yesterday at Universal, so no pictures today!

When you go to Universal, you have a choice of two parks - Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. We chose Islands of Adventure because it seemed to have more thrill rides. After going to Disney World, I was wondering how anyone could top Disney World, as far as the aesthetics of the park. Oh yeah, they CAN. Islands of Adventure was very cool, and I think that was their goal - to be cool. You don't walk around feeling like a kid saying things like, "aaaw, how cute!" - instead you say, "coooool!" Even the music blasting out from who knows where was very cool, very hip. It was more our speed and more entertaining for Bailey and Taylor. They definitely got their roller coaster fix, and even Alan and I manned up and rode one.

We got so wet, as in soaking, just-out-of-the-shower wet on the first three rides, that parts of our clothes were still damp hours later when we left the park. So when the clouds came in and it started lightly raining in the afternoon, we were actually cold. In Florida. In the summer.

Today we had planned to go to Gatorland for a couple hours and then go shopping, but we've had a slight change of plans. Yesterday while in line for a ride, Alan and I started talking to a couple next to us. Of course, if you know Alan, you know that it was mostly Alan doing the talking. I don't need to talk to strangers, don't need to know where they're from, and don't need to know what they do for a living. I don't need to talk to people on elevators, in the grocery store checkout line, or even when I'm stuck with them in line for a malfunctioning ride for a solid hour. But Alan does and so he does.

So anyway, long story short....this couple is here in Orlando to get married, and part of the travel package they purchased included a whole weekend of race tickets at Daytona. They're not going to use the tickets today because they have this little wedding to attend, so we got their tickets for tonight's race AT DAYTONA. When we drove by the speedway the other day on the way to beach, I said and I quote, "I'm not a racing fan, but I would want to go just to see this speedway." (I guess sometimes it pays to speak to your fellow man - thanks, Alan!) The race is called the Brumos Porsche 250 and is on the Speed channel tonight. I'm sure you'll see us in the nosebleed sections.

I'm not sure how the girls will feel about going, but I think they'll enjoy it once they're there, much like the other things we've "made" them do. Maybe we'll still fit everything in today (for sure, the shopping), but how could this not be fun:

I'm so ready to "people watch" all the rednecks and white trash!

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