Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Day!

What kind of a mom am I? I not only forgot to sing Happy Birthday to Bailey and have her blow out the candles, I also forgot to post anything about it being her birthday on Tuesday. PLUS I have no pictures of her 15th birthday, because my camera is broken. A new camera just replaced everything else at the top of the must-haves list.

And just as I was about to post this, I picked up my camera again, turned it on, angrily messed with all the buttons, took a picture, and it works just fine. I'm relieved and mad at the same time. But mostly relieved.


DeeBee said...

I'm glad that your camera came back to life because I would miss not seeing pictures here. said...

I just came across your post and wanted to wish Bailey a belated happy birthday with a personalized birthday song from It was originally created for another Bailey (I hope you don't mind), but I think your Bailey will enjoy it just as much.

Here it is: