Monday, July 28, 2008


Saturday, while Alan recovered from a hangover, I spent the whole morning getting our hotel and rental car lined up for this weekend. Being the big Braves fans that we are, we've been anticipating this trip for quite a while. So who gets hurt a few days ago? Oh just our favorite player, Chipper Jones. He's unlikely to be ready by this weekend, and we purposely chose third base tickets just to be near him! There are other favorite players of course, like Brian McCann, the catcher. But nooooo! Brian McCann suffered a concussion in last night's game. I can tell you five players I'd really like to see, and everyone of them are hurt.

Did you notice how Alan's hangover had absolutely nothing to do with anything? Yeah, I just wanted to mention it. :-)

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Brandi said...

Hate to think we MAY have had something to do with Alan's perpetual hangovers... last weeks, or the one before that, or the one before that.. hahaha SORRY GUYS :D