Sunday, July 20, 2008

The horrendous hash

I'm not sure what all I want to say about last night's hash. But I will say this. It was simultaneously the worst and funniest party we've ever had. We had some visitors from a nearby hash show up that none of us knew, and the entertainment value from the trash talking to their faces and behind their backs was almost worth putting up with them eating all our food and drinking all our beer. It would have made for some good reality TV.


Naomi said...

You could have made a very long blog about Saturday night, but as usual, you are very short and to the point. I am not even sure if I could have said it better myself!!!! You are awesome, and I totally agree, the was alot of entertaiment value to the trash talking and we should have had a reality show!!!!!

Brandi said...

I've already stated this fact in your hash blog, but felt it necessary to be thorough. YOU ROCK.. and are the most hilarious person I know... I miss you, is that gay?? hahahahahahahahahaha