Wednesday, February 07, 2007

February Shmebuary

If you visited my blog today in the afternoon, maybe you noticed it was 75 amazing degrees! Love it. It's gorgeous. Yesterday was the same, so I swept the leaves and sprayed the bird poop off the back porch. Our porch became a huddling spot for the birds to keep warm during that long cold spell, and the treasures they left behind were just gross.

Spring is awesome. I know it's not technically Spring, but a girl can dream. Even Junior felt the change and started exploring out on the porch as if he hasn't been there a million times before. (Check out his cute toes in the last picture. And I realize my lens was badly smudged when I took these.)

I wonder if Spring has a positive effect on wayward teenagers? Again, a girl (and a mother) can dream.

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DeeBee said...

Hang in there!

Those cat toes are just adorable.