Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Much ado about nothing

It feels lonely in the blogging world lately. I'm not even sure why. Just does.

So I'm enjoying the teaching, even the challenges of obnoxious parents, if you can believe it. Challenging parents are sometimes fun, especially when you can refer to them as whores and bitches and assholes behind their back with the other teachers. And that's just what they say about parents, nevermind what's said about some of the kids. Who'd have thought teachers could be so foul-mouthed and tactless about their own students? It's great fun.

Alan's been slumming it in Houston at the Renaissance for a couple of days and returns tonight, so I'm expecting a dinner out tomorrow to make up for eating leftovers and cereal by myself.

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DeeBee said...

Now I know what they are thinking of me after those parent/teacher conferences. :-)