Sunday, February 25, 2007


We survived the winds yesterday, and as the meteorologists like to present it, "Good news! The winds are dying down to only 15-25 and 20-30 the next two days!" I love recess duty, by the way.

Do you ever find yourself not wanting to post anything because in reality there are depressing things going on and if you put some happy-go-lucky post out there you feel like you're being sort of disrespectful to the situation(s)? I'm guilty of that a lot. I posted very little about the situation with Addison, yet it consumed my thoughts and days for quite a while. I wrote several posts about it and then either deleted them or left them unpublished.

What's looming over us this week is that the girls' dad and stepmother are getting a divorce, and it's just more upheaval and change. It's not an ugly situation, but it still makes you feel sad for everyone involved, especially when you see one of the kids upset. It'll possibly mean even less time that the girls will live together, which is one thing their dad and I vowed to avoid at all costs when we got our divorce.

But, life happens and everyone moves on. I'm sure it'll be fine once things are settled and new routines are established. But I'm getting tired of things being gloomy. Bring on happy thoughts. Perhaps I should post some Junior pics. :-)


DeeBee said...

Thanks for the wind that you sent this way. We really appreciated sucking in the dust while our kids played soccer.

DeeBee said...
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