Monday, February 05, 2007

Football and Volleyball

Alan looks less than amused that I was taking our picture last night. Just had to capture the excitement of our super bowl party - the party of two, I mean. I was happy that the Colts won, but it seemed sort of anti-climactic at the end. The Colts/Patriots game was way more exciting.

Well I'm off to make Bailey's lunch. Speaking of Bailey, here's the video that Google finally "processed." It's nothing phenomenal, but I wanted to film Bailey serving at practice since I didn't get any good videos from the tournament. Her serve has been known to pull teams out of close wins, and it's funny to hear the murmurings of anticipation from other parents when it's Bailey's turn to serve. This is just from my digital camera, so the quality isn't superb:


DeeBee said...

I love those videos! And Congrats on your team winning the Superbowl.

mel... said...

My high school gym was so small I had to start my serve outside the door. I had issues with just standing against the wall and trying to whale on the ball.