Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bittersweet Find

What was I thinking? I've been struggling to get everything in my closet to fit when I remember that there is a WHOLE OTHER CLOSET at my disposal. Addison didn't have much in her bedroom closet to begin with, and when she left, she left a fairly empty storage space.

I know where the mental block was however. I still call it Addison's room, Addison's bed, and obviously, Addison's closet. I haven't really thought of it as a space that I can take over and do whatever I want with. And honestly, I don't want to. Some "Addison" things will probably remain on the walls and on the furniture tops and in dresser drawers for a while. It's not because I'm waiting for her to come back at some point, but because it's sort of hard to remove signs of her. I kind of like it that some of her things are still in there. We had good times, too, and I like to see things that help me remember.

BUT, I really do need space and where there's an empty closet, there's a happy place for my things.


DeeBee said...

Closets weren't meant to be empty. I used up Ray's side before he got to Texas.

Addy said...