Friday, June 29, 2007

La Familia

We celebrated a belated Father's Day with Dale by going out to Dos Comprades last night. It was nice for the six of us to get together again. It's been a while! We should do this regularly.

Not sure how it happened, but I ran again today and actually enjoyed it. No tendonitis pain, no feeling like I'm about to vomit in front of other the walkers, joggers, drivers, etc. I think the key for me is to only do this a couple times a week and walk the rest of the time. Oh, and very cool temps help. Yeah, if I could have those for the rest of the summer, that'd really help me out, thanks.

In other news....Junior wouldn't come in from the garage last night when it was time for bed, so we left him out there. My gardening flip-flops (given that role because they had so many teeth marks in them that I couldn't wear them out in public) were out there and dumbass chewed them. Not only chewed them but actually ate part of one. I had a nice pile of puke and bits of green flip-flop to clean up when he came in this morning. Let's remember that the last time Junior ate a flip-flop, we spent $250 and endured the embarrassment of having our cat FREAK OUT on everyone at the vet's office. And here's Junior right before he bit my arm this morning. No reason.