Monday, June 18, 2007

Losing ground

We had a great time in Oklahoma and did everything we planned to do. Relaxing was a big part of the plan, and we did plenty of that as well. We're already looking forward to when they come to Midland next month - yea!

Although DeeBee and I walked while we were up there, it's been over a week since I've done yoga or pilates. Guess I better get back into the routine, but I have to say it's pretty frustrating to be doing all this exercise and cutting back on calories and getting absolutely no results in return. I don't get it. Yesterday I washed both cars, weedeated, walked my two miles, and the day before did heavy yard work in the heat of the day. I probably gained weight doing all of that.

And by the way, that was the fastest walk I've ever done. This old lady from down the street (who walks at least 2-3 times a day) was behind me at the walking park, and I could hear her Keds gaining ground on me. I already walk fast and couldn't believe she was about to reach me. I picked up the pace, but thank God we reached the circle where she went one direction and I went the other. I would have had to start jogging to lose her.

What's next? I want a personal trainer. I asked Alan to take the job because he's friendly and cheap, but he's not on board yet.

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