Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Someday, somewhere

During the thunderstorm last night, we had winds in the area that reached 93 mph. That's the equivalent of an F1 tornado. And then I just heard of another place in Texas called Marble Falls, where one of my good friends lives, that had 19 inches of rain in 24 hours. So between that and reading all of these blogs and hearing about life elsewhere, it got me to thinking about the different places that Alan and I might live some day. Likely places, if he stays with the same company, would be Bakersfield or Houston or Lubbock (God, forbid).

Bakersfield - I could do that. Not much to look at (kinda like Midland), but closer to so much more. Alan and I would have a great time. And I'd love to fly the girls out to visit from college. We could see L.A. and Beverly Hills and all the San-this and San-that cities that are so awesome, and then of course there's the beach. I think Californians would eventually get on my every last nerve though, so hopefully it'd be a temporary stay.

Houston - I could do that. But my hair and I...we'd have to wrestle a time or two. Actually my hair would win, I'd lose, and there'd be nothing I could do about it. The food and museums and proximity to so much more than in Midland...that would be cool. But the people - oh geez. I'd probably get bitch-slapped at some point for shooting my mouth off to some asshole. Then again, maybe I'd fit in just fine. :-)

Lubbock - I'd still do it. It would be an oh-so-slight step up from living in the same town your entire life, plus it would be a little closer to family and friends in Oklahoma and Kansas. And if the girls happened to go to Texas Tech, we'd be right there if they needed us. That's all I can say about Lubbock.

Regardless, it's kind of fun to think about the different places Alan and I will get to live some day. I've got some adventuring yet to do in my life.


mel... said...

While I want all my friends to move to Houston now that I'm here, Bakersfield isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Besides, if you lived there you could eat at La Costa every day.

DeeBee said...

I hope somebody plans to fly me out to California. :-) j/k
Why doesn't his company have a place in Tulsa... it's awesome here!!

Whatever you do, when you get the chance... get out of Dodge!!

Anonymous said...

bakersfield would be really cool.

Heather said...

You should move to California because I have never been there. It is just amazing that you have always lived in Midland.