Friday, June 22, 2007

Like the Old Days

Alan and I kicked it old-timers school today. We went to two estate sales this morning, where at one I found a teacher-to-be's dream: Scholastic books for $.50 each! I bought 21 of them, and there was no sales tax charge for teachers. A couple blocks away at the other sale, Alan bought a double CD "live" set of Garth Brooks for $.50. I'm not sure he wants people to know that. Garth Brooks is country and Alan doesn't do country. (By the way, we listened to it a lot yesterday and it's awesome!)

After the sales we had lunch at Murray's, a sandwich shop we frequented "back in the day." I try to not always order the same thing, but it's hard to resist the turkado with curly fries. We then walked over to the small library branch where Alan got a spy book (typical) and I got two young adult books (typical). We are both finding our places on the sofas and plan to bum it the rest of the day.

Next thing you know we'll be playing cribbage and I'll be winning.


DeeBee said...

Hayden's soccer team is supposed to have a photo-op with Garth Brooks coming up soon.

Tanya said...


DeeBee said...

That's the thing about Garth Brooks... he's good no matter what kind of music you like. Darn, now you're making me want to play some of his music.

Anonymous said...

Garth is THE MAN - He rocks