Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bring on Mother Nature

So I'm getting really into one of my library books this week, and it occurs to me...I seem to gravitate towards books about surviving extreme elements or living conditions. I never consciously set out to find these books, but off the top of my head I can list several survival type books I've read and loved: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Hatchet, Brian's Winter, A Single Shard, Weedflower, and am now currently reading Hattie Big Sky. Five of those books have been in the past year. And I've told Alan that I've watched so much Man vs. Wild and Survivorman that I'm confident I could start a fire with my toes and some sticks just like Les Stroud! Okay, maybe I'd need some flint like Bear Grills, but I could do it! And although I'd sit and cry if left in a forest all night for fear of being eaten by a grizzly bear, I still think there's a wilderness girl in me somewhere.


Anonymous said...

i love The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon. and i've seen evan almighty and it was pretty good. not as good as bruce almighty but there are those really funny parts that only steve carell can do :)

DeeBee said...

Survivorwoman... who knew?