Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesdays are Important

Other than watching the Braves (lose, apparently), there are two things I look forward to watching each week this summer. I was turned on to Rob & Big while at DeeBee's in Oklahoma. I've now gone back on the MTV website and watched every episode I missed (yes, I'm a very busy person with important things to do). Those two guys put me in the best mood. And then there's Kathy Griffin, who I went from hating to loving last year. Both shows overlap each other tonight, so I have to decide which one to watch tonight and which one to watch online tomorrow! It's a full life.

And I've checked the NBC website a couple times to see when they might be airing The Office rerun of "Women's Appreciation." So far, no love. But there are three episodes on this week! Hope I can fit that in to my very, very busy schedule.


DeeBee said...

Rob & Big will make my laugh till I cry sometimes.

DeeBee said...

I mean make ME laugh until I cry and YES.. Tuesdays are good.

Anonymous said...

deebee can spell, right?
i love rob and big too, but you probably already knew that.

Anonymous said...

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anyway he also said the best time to work out is very early in the morning. your bodys ready to burn fat the most then because its been charging all night long or something. lol

and i'll def. be stuffing my face with as many burritos and spoonfuls of rice my tiny hands will allow ;)